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10 October 27, 2017 THE U.P. CATHOLIC RESPECT LIFE www.upcatholic.org BY JAMIE GUALDONI THE U.P. CATHOLIC Im a rescued kid. Every night I stand before audiences and I say thank you. Because Im rescued by people with a heart, a heart for change, said Christian comedian Mike G. Williams. A heart to do more than make the pro-life move- ment a bumper sticker movement. But, a heart to say no, we want to make sure with our pro-life stance that children are alive because of it. Williams spoke to more than 400 participants at the annual Care Clinic banquet held at Northern Michigan University in Marquette earlier this month. During the evening, Williams made the audience laugh with his humor, but also explained how preg- nancy centers like the Care Clinic have impacted his life. Williams shared his story of com- ing from a broken family, and being saved by adoption. Both of his broth- ers died at the age 17, one was killed in the streets and the other died in jail, and he hasnt seen either of his sisters in 25 years. I met my biological father one time. I was 27 years of age when I tracked him down, Williams said. He agreed to meet with me, and spent five minutes with me and asked me to drop him offat the bar so he could get on with the rest of his life. Williams mother did one of the kindest acts you can do by giving him up for adoption as she recog- nized how troubled her family was. He explained that his mother asked their mailman to adopt him because in her words, he was the only Chris- tian man I ever met. She determined this because each day when he delivered the mail to the apartment complex they lived in, he would ring every buzzer before starting to fill the mailboxes. But, if you came down to get your mail, he would take it out, put it in your hand and say, here is your mail and remember God loves you. One day his mother stopped the mailman asking him to adopt her youngest son, begging him to get at least one of her kids out of the bro- kenness. His response to her was, I cant, I take care of a wife who is very sick. But, I have a daughter and son- in-law and they cant have children. My daughter has Multiple Sclerosis. They have prayed for 12 years that God would give them a child. They would love to have your boy. This evening is about celebrating. Were here to celebrate the 7,310 mothers and children that have been saved since the inception of the Care Clinic, said Williams. I did a little math, thats 35 percent of the popu- lation of Marquette. Williams also shared that he and his wife adopted a son through a pregnancy services center. The ba- bys mother had done drugs during the pregnancy and spent time in jail, but during her time in jail she was visited by the Sisters of Mercy. They taught her this wonderful principle, all life belongs to God, dont mess with God's stuff.' She said, 'you don't understand my world. And they said, God will turn your tragedy into triumph if you will let him. She chose life. She walked into a pregnancy center telling them she was offdrugs, and the streets all because she gave birth to this child. She loved this child, but couldnt take care of him and asked them to help her put this child in a home that can take care of him. My wife and I received that phone call to adopt. Williams and his family serve the Dominican Republic directing a mission helping the lives of tricked girls, along with running an orphan ministry. To learn more about Wil- liams and his ministry visit www. mikewilliamscomedy.com. The Care Clinic offers services to women, men and families, including information about pregnancy, adop- tion and parenting. The Care Clinic has locations in Marquette and K.I. Sawyer. For more information, call the Marquette ice at (906) 228- 2273, the K.I. Sawyer ice at (906) 346-2606, or visit www.careclinic- mqt.org. JAMIE GUALDONI THE U.P. CATHOLIC Christian comedian Mike G. Williams speaks during the annual Care Clinic banquet held in Marquette earlier this month. Williams travels the country speaking at pregnancy center events and directs a mission in the Dominican Republic. Mike Williams gives message of hope during Care Clinic banquet JAMIE GUALDONI THE U.P. CATHOLIC A packed room at the Northern Michigan University Great Lakes room during the annual Care Clinic banquet looks on as Mike G. Williams shares his testimony.

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