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www.upcatholic.org THE U.P. CATHOLIC WORLD NEWS October 28, 2016 13 (CNA) - When we find ourselves weary from the troubles of life, we can find inspiration in the heroism of one of the Church's new saints, said Cardinal Alberto Suarez Inda of Morelia, Mexico. From its inception, the history of the Church is the history of a martyr Church, the cardinal said. He pointed to the persecutions of the first Chris- tians - including Peter and Paul - and those that took place in Korea, Japan, and even in countries with deep Catholic roots such as Spain and Mexico. Still, the cardinal continued, many of us don't have the grace of a bloody martyrdom. However, we are called to be heroic every day, in ordinary life, and this calls us to not falter, to not be carried away by some trend, but to stand firm in the faith when there are more subtle persecutions. Cardinal Suarez reflected on the life of Jos Snchez del Ro, who was canonized by Pope Francis on Oct. 16, alongside six other blesseds. St. Jos Snchez del Ro was born in Sahuayo de Morelos, Mexico in 1913. During the 1924-1928 re- ligious persecution by Mexican President Plutarco Elas Calles, St. Jos became a Mexican Cristero, ighting against the anti-Catholic legislation. At that time, the laws banned religious or- ders, deprived the Church of property rights and denied priests civil liberties, including the right to trial by jury and the right to vote. As the restrictions on religious liberty increased, Cath- olics could be fined or imprisoned for teaching Church doctrine, wearing clerical attire, meeting together after their convents were disbanded, promoting religious life or holding religious services in non-church locations. At age 14, St. Jos was martyred by the Feder- al Army on Feb. 10, 1928. According to witness accounts, soldiers cut off the soles of his feet and forced him to walk barefoot to his grave. Although he was tortured, he refused to renounce his Catholic faith. Moments before he was killed, the teen shouted, Viva Cristo Rey! which means Long live Christ the King! Cardinal Suarez pointed to the story of the young saint as an example of Christian courage. Jos Snchez del Ro, who in a courageous, generous and determined way, preferred to die for Christ, longed for martyrdom as a grace; and now that Pope Francis is canonizing him today, we can certainly recognize that we have a great in- tercessor and a great example for youth, he said. The cardinal recalled that the religious perse- cution in Mexico was a bitter, dramatic epoch. Nevertheless, he said, God's providence has left (the Mexican martyrs) as the seed of many new, authentic Christians, and certainly young people like Jos Snchez del Ro are a cause for holy pride. Not a conceited pride, but that of knowing that a young person can be brave, can be clear-sighted. Seeing heaven as an opportunity and refusing to turn back are a witness to us today that what is truly worth most in life, more than money, is the treasure of our faith, Cardinal Suarez said. He added that this also an example for Mexico today, where they put a price on the lives of some people. The cardinal encouraged the faithful not to grow weary from routine, or a worldly spirit, or ideological colonization. We need to react and be truly faithful to Jesus in virtue, in an attitude of trust in God and also in facing all those obstacles presented to the Christian life in today's world in whatever time or environment, he said. COOPER OFFICE EQUIPMENT Full Copier Line From Tabletop To Networkable Digital Laser Systems (906) 228-6929 Phone 800-432-7682 Fax 800-908-8542 Purchase & Lease Options Authorized KONICA Printers-Copiers Dealer Thank you for your faithful and loving service to our parish and school. You have been such a blessing to all of us. Father Ben Paris, Fr. Tim: Your presence at our churches, and your camaraderie with parish members and visitors, is greatly appreciated. Thank you for all you do! The Parishioners of Holy Rosary, St. Therese & St. Timothy Father Timothy Hruska One of the Church's newest saints teaches timeless lesson MARTHA CALDERON CATHOLIC NEWS AGENCY A banner featuring St. Jos Snchez del Ro is held high during his canonization on Oct. 16 by Pope Francis in St. Peter's Square. Also canonized were Solomon Leclercq, Manuel Gonzlez Garca, Lodovico Pavoni, Alfonso Maria Fusco, Jos Gabriel del Rosario Brochero and Elizabeth of the Trinity Catez. I t seems that whenever a Christian voices concern about the eroding state of religious freedom in our country and across the world, accusations of bigotry, over-reaction and small-mindedness fly. However, history tells us another story. It's hard to think of Mexico and not think Catholic. And yet, less than 100 years ago perse- cution of the Church in that country reached a point that people like the recently-canonized St. Jos Snchez del Ro were martyred by the gov- ernment. For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada (2012) is an excellent film about that sad era in which the president and his military persecuted the Church. This movie should be required viewing. Traditionally known as the Eldest Daughter of the Church, France saw numerous priests and religious killed for their faith during the Revolution. Many now refer to us living in a post-Christian world. Secularism has become the religion of many in the Western world and each individual has become his own god. In 1775 American patriot Patrick Henry famously said, Give me liberty or give me death. St. Jos Snchez del Ro refused to deny his faith when told he could save his own life by saying, Death to Christ the King. Instead he went to his death shouting Viva Cristo Rey (Long Live Christ the King)! If we're not willing to stand up for our religious rights now, we may be standing up to march on bloody feet to the grave as did St. Jos Snchez del Ro. Stand up for religious rights HERE AM I John Fee

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