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16 October 28, 2016 THE U.P. CATHOLIC GOLDEN AGE www.upcatholic.org BY JAMIE GUALDONI THE U.P. CATHOLIC Homemade perogies and braided bread are just a couple of the family tra- ditions Mike and Lucy Hlwya attribute their more than six decades of marriage to. We both come from strong ethnic backgrounds, our parents are from Poland and Ukraine, stated Lucy. The holidays are especially big, with all kinds of customs and traditions, that we were introduced to as kids and weve kept them ever since. The Hlwyas of Manistique recently celebrated their 66th wedding anniver- sary. The couple has put their traditions and customs to the forefront of their marriage and family, something that holds our family together, according to the couple. Easter and Christmas have especially important traditions to the family. On Easter, its making braided bread, dying and decorating Easter eggs, and serving ham and kielbasa as a part of the meal. We would always take a little basket of food to church the day before Easter and have a special blessing. We would use those blessed foods for our Easter breakfast, said Lucy. During Christmas, its making the tra- ditional Polish perogie, with everyone doing their part to help with the pro- cess, even down to the youngest family member. We would do it all together from the oldest to the youngest. The youngest would be two or three years old and would have their hands in the dough and flour, Lucy recalled. We always do it as a group. Mostly, its the wom- en and the girls, but sometimes the boys would get their hands in on it, too. These holiday traditions have been the foundation to each of Mike and Lucys childhoods that they have continued to pass down. Each Christmas, their three children, eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren come from various parts of the Unit- ed States to celebrate their roots together. Our kids are following the traditions that weve done, that we got from our grandparents, added Mike. Were very honored that theyre doing that. This year, Im going to turn over my duties to my son who will con- tinue what was passed on to me. Originally from the Detroit area, Mike and Lucy moved to Gaylord in 1960, where Mike started his own business. The couple relocated to Manistique 14 years ago, and feel blessed that God has given them a life to grow in together. We have been blessed by God. He put us together and it was a good match. He really did do a good job, said Lucy. Weve always tried to live our lives through God and the Church. After more than six decades of mar- riage, Mike and Lucy say they could give a lot of advice. But one of the things that has kept them going is before you say something, think of it in reverse. If I would get upset with something Mike did, I would think to myself, how am I going to tell him how I feel? Then I would think about how if he was saying that to me, how would it make me feel, explained Lucy. It really does make you think twice. We just try to never be hurtful. Mike echoed Lucy, Always think before you open your mouth. After all, it does take two to argue. Were lucky because weve had such a happy and blessed life. Weve had a wonderful family, weve always had wonderful neighbors, and we have ex- tremely wonderful friends, who couldnt be happy? Added Lucy. The Hlwyas are members of St. Fran- cis de Sales Parish in Manistique. Manistique couple looks to their roots after 66 years of marriage COURTESY OF ST. FRANCIS DE SALES PARISH Mike and Lucy Hlwya of Manistique recently cele- brated their 66th wedding anniversary.

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