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www.upcatholic.org THE U.P. CATHOLIC GOLDEN AGE October 28, 2016 17 HANNAH BROCKHAUS CNA/EWTN NEWS Pope Francis told grandparents that they are valuable and that their wis- dom should be shared with the young- er generation, to help them grow and to support them in their faith. And talk to your grandchildren, talk. Let them ask you questions, he said. They may be different from you, they may do other things, they like other music... but they need the elder- ly, this ongoing dialogue. You are an important presence, because your experience is a precious treasure, essential to looking to the future with hope and responsibili- ty, Pope Francis said Oct. 15 at the Vatican. The Holy Father met with pilgrims, including around 7,000 grandparents, to share a reflection and prayer as part of the Celebration of Grandparents. The audience also included the Na- tional Association of Older Workers and the Federation of Seniors Italy. During the audience, Pope Fran- cis acknowledged how many elderly people give generously of their time in the Church whether as catechists, or during the liturgy, or by cleaning or decorating. And what about their role in the family? he said. How many grand- parents care for grandchildren, simply by transmitting to children the experi- ence of life, the spiritual and cultural values of a community and a people! It is important to promote the bond between generations, the Holy Father said. The future of a people requires the encounter between young and old: the young people are the vitality of a people on the way and the elderly reinforce this vitality with memory and wisdom. The elderly show that it is possible to withstand even the greatest trials, never losing confidence in God or in a better future, Francis continued. The elderly are like trees that continue to bear fruit giving their contribu- tion for a society rich in values, and affirming the culture of life. In a world that believes strength and appearance are the most import- ant things, you have the mission to witness to the values that really mat- ter and which endure forever because they are engraved on the heart of ev- ery human being and guaranteed by the Word of God, he told pilgrims. You, or rather we because I too am one of them, Pope Fran- cis noted, are called to work for the devel- opment of the culture of life, witnessing that every season of life is a gift from God and it has its own beauty and its importance, although marked by fragility. Pope Francis thanked the grand- fathers and grand- mothers present for their example of love, dedication and wisdom. Contin- ue with courage to bear witness to these values! Not lacking your smile in society and the beautiful brightness of your eyes! The Church re- gards the elderly with affection, gratitude and high esteem. They are an essential part of the Christian community and society, in partic- ular they repre- sent the roots and the memory of a people. The Staff and Residents of Bishop Noa Home and The Sisters of St. Paul de Chartres 2900 Third Avenue South Escanaba, MI 49829 Assisting You in Your Golden Years! (906) 786-5810 Have grandkids? Pope Francis wants you to talk with them DANIEL IBEZ CNA Pope Francis greets a baby in St. Peter's Square at the Wednesday general audience June 1, 2016. DANIEL IBEZ CNA We are now seeking a senior priest resident.

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