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18 October 28, 2016 THE U.P. CATHOLIC GOLDEN AGE MERCY CORNER www.upcatholic.org Mercy Corner: Marriage is an opportunity to forgive offenses and bear wrongs patiently BY GREG GOSTOMSKI THE U.P. CATHOLIC On Aug. 4, 1956 George and Bettey Tomasi were married at St. Michael Parish in Marquette. Christian marriage is full of opportunities to forgive offenses and bear wrongs patiently, two of the spiritual works of mercy. When asked about bear- ing wrongs patiently, both George and Bettey were sure the other had forgiven more. Each was sure the other had been more patient. Children also offer the opportunity to forgive offenses. The Tomasis were blessed with nine children so the opportuni- ties were abundant. George shared its tough as a parent to ind that balance that says, I don't approve of this, but I love you. Unconditional love is key to bearing wrongs. Especially when a child is hesitant to forgive the parent. At that point, George shared, all you can do is pray for them. Forgiving offenses, according to Bettey is for the forgiver more so than the forgiven. Nothing is as strangling as hold- ing onto anger, she shares. She also strives to be non-judg- mental, God didnt ask me to serve on that committee, Bettey joked. In a truly Christian marriage where forgiveness and pa- tient tolerance is practiced, each spouse experiences security and comfort, strength and joy. The Tomasis continue to be involved at their parish, and volunteering at St. Vincent de Paul. It keeps you touching God, Bettey said. Through patience, tolerance, self-awareness, willingness to give, communication and love, the fruits of Christian mar- riage have blessed George and Bettey. Looking back is often when we see the hand of God at work in our lives, Bettey said, and George and I have a long way to look back she quipped. Having a sense of humor cant hurt either. George and Bettey are parishioners of St. Peter Cathedral in Marquette. TERRI GADZINSKI DIOCESE OF MARQUETTE George and Bettey Tomasi of Marquette have been married for 60 years, giving them ample opportunities to live out the works of mercy of forgiving offenses and bearing wrongs patiently.

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