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CATHOLIC PRIESTHOOD SUNDAY - OCT. 30, 2016 October 28, 2016 3 PRIESTHOOD SUNDAY: International priests offer faithful service Father Joseph Boakye Yiadoms home diocese of Konongo-Mampong in Ghana is thriving with vocations. He said it currently has about 75 priests with hopes of ordaining 19 next year. The priests there gather together to attend parish events, and play games like cards and soccer with the youth. When you see us together, it attracts the youth, Father Boakye Yiadom said. As a young person, Father Boakye Yiadom said he was always present at the church. He wasnt an altar boy but was in the choir and participated in other ways. He said the whole Cath- olic community would gather for daily morning prayer and at other times. Family prayer was a way of life. Vocation rallies can be important to draw young people to consecrated life. Also, young people need encourage- ment and help in their discernment. People may have the vocation, but they need the push to understand it, Father Boakye Yiadom said. They dont know how to respond. Not only priests, but religious life and deacons. Its through responding to Gods purpose that each of us thrives, Father Boakye Yiadom said. When God calls you and you dont respond, you don't flourish, Father Boakye Yiadom said. He pointed out that Jonah was never happy until he went back and did Gods will. Some parents are good, but some discourage vocations, Father Boakye Yiadom said. He pointed to the ex- ample of Abraham who was willing to offer his only son and the blessings he received. You dont have to give out of your surplus, Father Boakye Yiadom said. Even if you have something small, you can share. Even if you have one child. God needs a human. God works through human beings. For more information about voca- tions in the Diocese of Marquette, contact the vocations director, Father Ben Hasse by mail at 1004 Harbor Hills Dr., Marquette, MI 49855, or by calling (906) 227-9112 or by email at benjhasse@yahoo.com. FROM PAGE 2 Father Joseph Boakye Yiadom offers a Ghanaian's perspective on vocations MATTHEW HILL WE INVITE YOU TO PRAY FOR VOCATIONS. LOVING FATHER, MASTER OF THE HARVEST; PLEASE SEND MORE LABORERS TO WORK IN YOUR VINEYARD. AMEN. www.dioceseofmarquette.org/vocations DID YOU KNOW MATTHEW'S... - favorite saint is Maximilian Kobe? "His great devotion to the Mary Immaculate and his complete trust in the Providence of God are characteristics he seeks to emulate." - favorite form of prayer is Eucharistic Adoration? COURTESY PHOTO International priests of the Diocese of Marquette joined with others from the Diocese of Gaylord for a workshop presented by Saint Meinrad Seminary's Institute for Priests and Presbyterate on Aug. 16 and 17 in Conway, Mich. The training was to help new and experienced international priests to speak with an American accent, proclaim the Gospel in a listener-friendly fashion and more. Pictured at the workshop left to right are (front row) Fathers Edward Baah Baafi, Diocese Konongo-Mampong, Ghana; Larry Van Damme, vicar for clergy, Diocese of Marquette; Steve Lynott, clergy support services, Diocese of Marquette; Father Abraham Mupparathara, MCBS, Missionary Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament, Kerala, India; (back row) Fathers Dominic Agyapong and Joseph Boakye Yiadom, Diocese of Konongo-Mampong, Ghana; William Ssozi, Diocese of Hoima, Uganda; Michael Ocran Archdiocese of Cape Coast, Ghana; Antony Kalapura, MCBS, Missionary Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament, Kerala, India; Sebastian Ka- vumkal MST, and Joseph Vandanoor MST, Missionary Society of St. Thomas the Apostle, Kerala, India; and Peter Fosu, Diocese of Kumasi, Ghana. Workshop helps international priests Even though the young Boakye Yiadom had a strong Catholic upbringing, he didnt plan to become a priest but a doctor. That all changed just before beginning high school. Father Boakye Yiadom said he was visiting a hospital and saw a person hit by a train and all the blood. The intention of being a doctor vanished immediately, he said. Around the age of 13 or 14, the young Boakye Yiadoms father decided his son should go to boarding school. All the supplies were bought and as he was getting ready to leave I told (my father) I wanted to go to confession. They went to a priest and the teen confessed to the priest that he wasnt there for confession, but wanted help convincing his father to send him to minor seminary instead of a secular boarding school. The priest talked to the father and worked it all out. Father Boakye Yiadom isnt the only one in his family of 13 children to have a religious vocation. His sister, Theresa, became a nun. His brother, Father Michael KofiAkowuah, also served in the Diocese of Marquette for two years then encouraged his brother to minister in the U.P. Father Akowuah returned in 2013 to Ghana to serve as the financial administrator of the Archdiocese of Kumasi. Father Boakye Yiadom has been parochial administrator of St. Francis Xavier Parish in Brimley and St. Kateri Tekakwitha Mission in Bay Mills since July 1, 2014. The 56 year-old priest finds parish life in the U.S. less active than Ghana where we are always on the move. Another difference he discovered here is I finally realized they cannot sit in church for more than an hour, which led to him shortening his sermons. Although he hasnt quite acclimated to the winters he never saw snow until coming to the U.P. Father Boakye Yiadom and his parishioners have formed a bond. They invite me to their homes, they give me a birthday party and gifts on my anniversary, Father Boakye Yiadom said of his parishioners. They are good.

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