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12 November 13, 2015 THE U.P. CATHOLIC WOMEN RELIGIOUS www.upcatholic.org UIFQBSJTI GBNJMZPG ST. ROSE CHURCH XPVMEMJLFUP UIBOLUIF CARMELITE NUNS GPSUIFJS EFEJDBUJPO BOETFSWJDF UPPVSEJPDFTF A message to our advertisers. 1400 Washington Ave. Escanaba (906) 786-1072 Air Conditioning Parts & Service, Aluminum Welding, Charge Air Coolers, Radiators, Heaters, Gas Tanks The Eucharist is another name for Holy Communion. The term comes from the Greek by way of Latin, and it means To give thanks." With that in mind, We truly wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! V. Groos & Co. Inc. 1405 13th St. MENOMINEE, MI (906) 864-LOVE In the ADVENT you think CHRISTMAS should focus on JESUS, stop by THE GREATEST GIFT for some REAL PRESENTS! (Pun intended.) (Bring in this valuable coupon to pay EXTRA on any item in the store. YES, you read that correctly, ANY item!) Including Massage Therapy Sister Juliana Djo, SPC Hometown: South Korea Current ministry: Pastoral ministry Ministry highlight: Daily there is new movement in my ministry toward the vision of respecting the human digni- ty of each person and to embrace the persons journey. I vis- it the elderly who do not fo to Church and those who are liv- ing in nursing centers. I listen, dialogue, share Gods love with them, and bring the light of the Holy Spirit working through me thus making the Gospel message present to them. Sister Marivic Estrella, SPC Hometown: Polomolok, Philippines Current Ministry: Staff vol- unteer at St. Francis Connection Center in Gwinn. Ministry highlight: Part of my ministry is serving the K.I. Sawyer community that assists in distribution of commodities to qualified residents. Likewise, I do home visitation to bring and share the love of Christ to the last, least and lost members of the community. Sister Rosalie Hughes, SPC Hometown: Escanaba, Mich. Current ministry: Directing pastoral and grief support at the Bishop Noa Home, and spiritual di- rector, along with serving on many boards. Ministry highlight: The honor, privilege and fift from God to personally and communally carry the Mission and love of Christ as a Sister of St. Paul to those I meet, minister to and pray for daily. I am so blessed and grateful as well to be in ministry in the hometown of my wonderful parents, Hank and Ileen Hughes and family. Sister Dorthea Jang, SPC Hometown: South Korea Current ministry: Pastoral care at Divine Infant Assistant Living Center and volunteer at Gogebic Medical Care Facility. Ministry highlight: I try to visit all of the resi- dents daily. One of them said to me, your presence is blessing to all of us here. You have a great respect for all of us. You see us in a dif- ferent way. You changed this place brightly. I feel that all residents expect to be respect- ed from others and not only be assisted with their needs. Sister Gloria Schultz, SPC Hometown: Bessemer, Mich. Current ministry: District Superior Ministry highlight: One thing that I love about being a woman religious are the countless occasions when others reach out to me for help or guidance. One specific time was when I was in Washington, D.C. and a girl told me she was contem- plating suicide. She asked me to share what helps me so I talked about life having value no matter what is going on and that God has a purpose for us even if we feel our life is not of value. I also mentioned redemptive suffering. With the help of the Holy Spirit, she found comfort in redemptive suffering and thought it would help with what was going on in her life. Sister Norma Vincentillo, SPC Hometown: Palompon, Leyte; Philippines Current ministry: Pastoral work at Divine Infant Living Center and pastoral visits to Gogebic Care Facility. Ministry highlight: Being in the presence of Father Louis Brack- et at Divine Infant Living Center. He always edifies me by his simple down to earth homilies and reflection. Sometimes his own struggles and difficulties come out and his strong trust and confidence to surrender to the will of God. We are so blessed to be able to serve a saintly priest like Father Bracket. School Sisters of Notre Dame The mission of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, is, as their name suggests, centered on education. These sisters direct their entire lives toward that oneness for which Jesus Christ was sent. Sister Frances "Fran" Buechell, SSND Hometown: Detroit, Mich. Current ministry: Retired; volunteers with the elderly and assists with religious education Ministry highlight: The little kids teach me so much about the faith, its so touching. They have a simplicity of the faith. Ive learned so much simplicity from them t p t j i w f a w P C M S u S C G s r w o b M h T p f L a M F M h t o d t e o L e I C H e h a w e M h T t m t s S M h O t a r t i li j i i hi hli h i h i h h h d h h ili d

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