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FROM PAGE 1 is the Vicar General (first assistant) of the order. She was elected to her position in 2007 for a six-year term, and was re-elected in 2013. Her ministry there is assisting the Superior General by going out to visit the sisters in different areas of the world. Prior to 2007, she served in the Diocese of Marquette for over 35 years, many of which were spent in education. One of her recent visits was to Madagascar, where there are almost 100 sisters serving. During her time there, she was impressed by the sisters and their dedication to their work despite the living conditions. It's one of the poorest countries, but there's such a need, she stated. When I asked the sis- ters what they like best about their ministry, the ones who are ministering in the remote areas said they love going into the brush and remote areas. According to Sister Laurin, in those areas two or more sisters travel with a priest up the sand trials into the highlands, and getting there is never easy. They start with a four wheel, and make it 10-15 miles. Then, they have bikes simi- lar to dirt bikes and could go another five miles. After that, they walk the rest of the journey. Once the sisters arrive at their destination in the highlands they meet with the people, par- ticipate in the Mass, the priest baptizes and the sisters give instruction to the children. Many times they travel from church to church before making the trek back. I was impressed with our sisters. Some of them have been there for over 50 years. When I was there I thought about how it was not comfortable, and it was so hot! explained Sister Laurin. Yet, people come there from France, Canada or Switzerland, and they didn't know what they were getting into. But, they stay there, they don't want to go home, they want to die there. She added, I've learned that it doesn't take a lot of comfort. You can be well enough off with the simple things. Not only there, but every- where. I've especially learned to appreciate water, to be able to drink water and to wash. Sister Laurin first heard God's call to religious life at six years old after attending summer Bible school at her home parish of St. Burno in Nadeau. When I went home I said to my mom, 'I want to be one of them!' And, I remember in school that year we had to draw a picture of what we wanted to be when we grew up. So, I drew a picture of a nun teaching kids. Though it had been on her heart for a number of years, Sister Laurin began to make her decision when she was 16. I really thought about it and there were three things I wanted to do. I wanted to get married, be a nun and be a teacher. At that time, I didn't realize you couldn't be all of them, she laughed. Sister Laurin entered the convent at 19, and after 50 years of religious life, she still inds much joy in her vocation. I'm so happy with what I have chosen. God has really blessed me as a sister. What I like most about anything I do is helping others to love and get to know Jesus better. That's really why I became a nun, I wanted to get to Heaven and help other people go to Heaven. I wanted to know, to love and to serve the Lord and help others to do the same. SISTER ELLEN ENRIGHT Don't take those forever, take it for each day, Sister Ellen Enright recalled the words that were spoken to her as she pre- pared to make her final vows at Holy Name of Mary Proto-Ca- thedral in Sault Ste. Marie. So, I did take it for each day. Each day I get up and pray that I can be the very best religious I can be today and you have no idea what the day is going to bring. Sister Enright has spent 50 years as a member of the Insti- tute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (IBVM), 46 of those years have 8 November 13, 2015 THE U.P. CATHOLIC WOMEN RELIGIOUS www.upcatholic.org CONTINUED ON PAGE 9 PHOTO COURTESY OF SISTERS OF ST. PAUL DE CHARTRES Sister Mary Ann Laurin takes a moment to tie the shoes of one of her students during her time as a teacher in the Diocese of Marquette. Sister Laurin was a school teacher and principal in the diocese for over 35 years. WOMEN RELIGIOUS: Laurin, Enright celebrate 50 years of service

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