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The Catholic U.P . EVANGELIZATION EDUCATION INFORMATION $2.00 16 Pages November 27, 2015 Vol. 44 No. 17 THE NEWSPAPER OF THE DIOCESE OF MARQUETTE OFFICIAL APPOINTMENTS: Priests from Ghana given assignments in diocese P3 GIFTS: Catholic gift ideas for your Christmas list P8-10 HOLY DAY: Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, Dec. 8 P15 JAMIE CARTER THE U.P. CATHOLIC Dr. Peter Kreeft answers the tough questions of the Catholic faith during a series of talks at St. Peter Cathedral. Prayer and love are keys to talking with fallen away Catholics BY JAMIE CARTER THE U.P. CATHOLIC "How do I talk to those who have left the faith?" That was one of the questions Dr. Peter Kreeft answered during his series of talks at St. Peter Cathedral in Marquette earlier this month. He explained that one of the roadblocks for people talking to fall- en away Catholics is that they don't know what to say or how to say it. According to Kreeft, the fact that one cares, is there, wants to talk to them and is not running away from them, "is more than half of the victory." He prefaced his talk by stating that an individual must remember when talking to a person who has left the faith, they are speaking to two people, the believer and the unbeliever. "They're not atheists that never had the faith. They're Catholics who were bap- tized and once you're baptized, you can't be unbaptized. That's a mark God leaves on your soul forever no matter what you do, no matter what you think. God is there in that person's soul, suppressed, maybe. But, you can't throw God out of your soul. Maybe you've tried to, but you can't succeed. God doesn't say, 'well if you don't want me, I'm leaving,'" Kreeft said. "On the other hand, the person there is the one who tried to throw God away and Tryan named Foster Care Worker of the Year SEE KREEFT, PAGE 6 BY CAROL HOLLENBECK THE U.P. CATHOLIC Escanaba native Diane Tryan is the 2015 Foster Care Work- er of the Year Award recipient for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). The award was presented at ceremonies in Lansing on Nov. 5. Tryan has worked for Catho- lic Social Services of the Upper Peninsula in Escanaba (CSS) since 1998, focusing on adop- tion and foster care. She has been clinical director for CSS since Nov. of 2014 as well as adoption supervisor there. "Over the past two years, I've come to realize Diane is well known throughout the entire state for her impeccable rep- utation. She even completed adoptions from Ohio, Missouri, China and Brazil for U.P. fami- lies. DHHS told me there were several competitive nominees for the award this year, but Di- ane's long-standing reputation made her the clear winner," wrote Kyle Rambo, executive director of CSS, in announcing the honor. Tryan graduated from Es- canaba High School, attended Northern Michigan University JOHN FEE THE U.P. CATHOLIC Diane Tryan, an employee of Catholic Social Services in Escanaba, was recently awarded by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. SEE TRYAN, PAGE 6

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