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2 November 27, 2015 THE U.P. CATHOLIC AROUND THE DIOCESE www.upcatholic.org Diocesan Collection Dates: December 12th - 13th A message to our advertisers. JAMIE CARTER THE U.P. CATHOLIC More than 300 diocesan youth in grades sixth through eighth participated in this year's See the See middle school youth rally held at St. Peter Cathedral in Marquette. The day was spent with praise and worship by The Well, keynote talks by Catholic speaker Bryan Mercier, a seated tour of St. Peter Cathedral, adoration and Mass with Bishop John Doerfler. Also, students had opportunities to participate in donation challenge games, for every challenge completed, one dollar was donated to Catholic Relief Services (CRS). At the end of the day over $1,000 was raised. (Top left photo) Mercier speaks to youth; (top right photo) The Well leads praise and worship during the opening session; (middle photo) students look through their binoculars during a seated tour of St. Peter Cathedral; (bottom left photo) as a part of the CRS donation challenge, students build a tour using Jenga blocks; (bottom right photo) following Mass bishop Doerfler takes a few moments to sign shirts of the youth. See the See brings diocesan middle school youth together JAMIE CARTER THE U P CATHOLIC Do you want to share an article from this issue? Tell your friends and family to visit www.upcatholic.org to find full issues online.

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