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This holiday season, give a gift that gives hope to those in the most need. Catholic Relief Services supports some of the poorest indi- viduals in countries overseas. Below is a small sampling of the items available in the Catholic Relief Services Catalog to benefit communities in need. To view the entire catalog, or to make a purchase, visit www.crs.org and click on the Ways to Give tab on the top of the homepage. GIVE THE GIFT OF FOOD Flock of Chickens, $40: Eggs and chick- ens give families adequate protein. Chickens are also easy to raise, which can help to generate added income. Household gar- den, $150: These gardens assist poor families with im- portant nutritional variety in their diets. The gardens are easy to take care of, making it easy for people with limited mobility. Fish for a pond, $60: With a stocked fish pond, it allows families to have a high-protein dinner that is close by. The fish also provide an additional way to generate income for farmers. GIVE THE GIFT OF HEALTH Health exams for 12 children, $25: Children in the poorest countries dont have access to the necessary health care. Providing routine healthcare exams allows the childrens growth and development to be monitored, in addition to providing appropriate vaccina- tions. Mosquito nets for a family, $30: Mosquito nets allow families to sleep safely, while protecting them from contracting malar- ia. Malaria is preventable, but is often contracted because of the lack of insecticide-treated nets. Wheelchair, $200: Peo- ple with disabilities in poor communities have limited opportunities to get the equip- ment needed to overcome their disability. 12 December 9, 2016 THE U.P. CATHOLIC GIFT GIVING GUIDE www.upcatholic.org Knights of Columbus Retreat with Fr. Corey Litzner, January 6-8, 2017 - there are still a few spots open for this popular retreat, Brother Knights! Cursillistas: Our Fourth Day Overnight Retreat will be on January 14 - 15, focusing on living your Fourth Day and deepening discipleship. Those who wish may come on Friday evening, January 13, for an evening and morning of silent prayer and reflection before the Fourth Day. Marygrove Gift Certificates make a great Christmas gift! Contact us and we will send a gift certificate in any amount to your loved ones (or send it directly to you if you want to stuff the stocking yourself!) Dewitt Church Goods Inc. Restore the beauty of your tabernacle. Call today! Toll Free 1-866-950-3378 Rvbmjuz gvsojuvsf bu xipmftbmf qsjdft A Catholic family owned & operated company since 1979 Members of the Diocese of Marquette, Michigan Ejojoh Sppn Pggjdf Gvsojuvsf Nbuusfttft Vqipmtufsfe Tfut Ljudifo Dbcjofut Cbuisppn Dbcjofut Cfesppn Mjwjoh Sppn Cretens Furniture Factory & Showroom Qfsljot Spbe Qfsljot NJ xxx dsfufotgvsojuvsf dpn N G Tbu Mpehf Dbnq boe Dpuubhf tuzmf gvsojtijoht SACRED HEART RELIGIOUS GOODS ARE YOU READY FOR ADVENT? Stop in for Advent Calendars, Cards, Candles and Devotional Items. Happy 85th Birthday to our friend BISHOP JAMES GARLAND! (906) 228-4462 419 W. Washington Marquette (Located across from the Ramada Inn) Purchase a gift from Catholic Relief Services to assist those in need

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