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It all began with Tim and Fae Pres- ley watching EWTN television one night in the summer of 2013 while praying the rosary along with Mother Angelica. During a program break, it was announced that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) had opened up an opportunity for new low-power FM licenses for radio, marking only the second time since 2000 that this was done. Tim and Fae, members of St. Peter Cathedral in Marquette, had been interested in Catholic radio for years, and excitedly talked with one another about this announcement. After discussion, the couple took the news to Claves Regni Mins- tries, a private lay association of the Catholic faithful of the Diocese of Marquette. This ministry, served by then-president Kevin Branson (now Brian Boehmer) and chairman Msgr. Michael Steber, has the mission of communicating the fullness of truth found in the Catholic Church. Claves Regni had sponsored television pro- frams and live forums as outreach, so the Presleys news of the radio oppor- tunity seemed to fit their mission of evangelization. One of the requirements for applying for a low-pow- er FM license was having non-profit status, which Claves Regni Ministries had just re- ceived. With that, the group approved the radio project as part of their ministry. With that support, Tim and Fae took on the task of applying to the FCC for the license. With the help of an FCC attorney, the Catholic Radio Association, and plenty of Gods grace, Tim and Fae were able to obtain a permit to construct the radio station. Technical help came from radio engineers Coral Howe and Allan Augustyn. A part of this process involved naming the station and requesting a four letter call sign from the FCC. With prayer and discussion, the Presleys, with members of Claves Regni, agreed on WNOA and Northern Apostle Ra- dio. This name reflects the spiritual heritage we have in the person of Venerable Frederic Baraga, the first bishop of the Marquette Diocese and a tremendous mis- sionary and evan- felizer himself. On Aug. 1, 2014 a kick-off event was held at St. Peter Cathedral for an initial step in funding this new project. The event featured guest speakers Dr. Ray Guarendi, a Catholic psychol- ogist whose programs are regularly aired on EWTN television and radio, along with Dave Vacheresse, general manager of EWTN Global Catholic radio. The goal for the station was to raise $55,000 in pledges, including $15,000 up front, to cover the cost of building and operating the station for two years. Following the kick-off event, repre- sentatives from WNOA visited area Catholic parishes, presenting the new opportunity and seeking financial sup- port and prayers. The Diocese of Mar- quette gave a start-up grant through the Legacy of Faith endowment program. Also, the Catholic Extension Society gave a dollar-for-dollar match- ing grant. With all this combined support, WNOA received the funds necessary to purchase equipment and contract technical services to build the new station. WNOA first went on the air on Dec. 16, 2014, broadcasting 24-hour EWTN programing. A wide variety of speakers and enriching programs are available every day on the station. Tim and Fae have been acting as station co-managers. Since the start up, the station has been able to gain the abil- ity to broadcast local programs such as short radio spots by Bishop John Doerfler, announcements of local Catholic events, and regular broadcasts of the Sunday 10:30 a.m. Mass at St. Peter Cathedral. Live talks of Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers and Dr. Peter Kreeft, guest speakers at St. Peter Cathe- dral, were also recently aired. More local programming is envisioned to serve our area. With celebrating the one year an- niversary of Northern Apostle Radio irst coming on air, Tim and Fae said they and the members of Claves Regni Ministries thank the Lord and all the many donors and supporters who have made this possible. As part of a non-profit organiza- tion, WNOA does not sell advertising, but businesses and individuals may sponsor programs. If you would like to support WNOA and its outreach, con- tact Northern Apostle Radio at north- ernapostle@gmail.com or call (906) 662-9005. Most of all, tune in to 103.9 FM and be strengthened in faith. 18 December 18, 2015 THE U.P. CATHOLIC www.upcatholic.org From Rosary to Radio Station Marquette Catholic radio station celebrates one year on the air JOHN FEE THE U.P. CATHOLIC From left to right, Tim Presley, Fae Presley and Msgr. Michael Steber stand in the studio of WNOA, Northern Apostle Radio. WNOA recently celebrated its one year anniversary of being on air in the Marquette area.

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