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See what the parish goals and the diocesan annual budget are for the 2015-16 UPCSA campaign. PAGES 4-5 New UPCSA campaign begins this month $2.00 20 PAGES SEPTEMBER 18, 2015 VOL. 44 NO. 13 The Newspaper of the Diocese of Marquette A missionary heart: from Honduras to NET INSIDE NEXT ISSUE DATE: OCTOBER 2, 2015 BY JAMIE CARTER Katelyn McKeen has always had the heart of a missionary and has often heard God's call to serve others. McKeen's mission work includes traveling to Hon- duras as a part of Sirvientes de Cristo four times to take part in mission work for multiple weeks each summer. "I knew God was calling me to be a missionary after my first mission trip to Honduras. When we were flying into Honduras I remember asking my mom what we were doing there, I thought we were crazy," said McKeen, a member of St. Anthony parish in Gwinn. "But, then flying out of Honduras, I couldn't help but cry because I knew God was calling me to help the people of Hon- duras and everyone for that mat- ter." This year, McKeen is taking her mission work a step further by serving as a missionary for nine months with NET (New Evangelization Team) ministries. The call to the ministry was made evident during her discern- ment of serving as a part of a program that does similar work. "I was asked to be a part of the Totus Tuus team for the dio- cese. During the process of fig- uring out if it was right for me, I got this feeling that God was calling me to apply for NET," stated McKeen. This wasn't the first time Mc- Keen had the feeling she should try to get into the program. It was something she often considered as she completed her senior year of high school last year. "I was thinking about apply- ing for NET right after high school, but I decided to attend college for a year first. Then, on the same day I declined the invite to be a part of Totus Tuus, my mom suggested I should apply to NET. It then became clearer God was calling me to apply." Though it was clear to Mc- Keen she was being called to apply, it wasn't an easy process to be selected as a missionary. After submitting her applica- tion, she was required to attend SEE NET ON PAGE 19 Pope Francis makes his first papal visit to the United States next week. Find out where he's going to be and where you can catch the action. PAGE 8 CALLED TO SERVE - Katelyn McKeen holds a sign up prior to departing for training for NET ministries. (Courtesy photo) Papal Visit to the United States Stephenson parishioners evangelize door-to-door BY JAMIE CARTER In response to Bishop John Doer- fler's call to evangelization, Precious Blood Parish in Stephenson had a unique opportunity to evangelize last month. For two weeks, several parish- ioners teamed up with two sisters from the congregation of Parish Visitors of Mary Immaculate to hit the streets and evangelize the Stephenson community. "This isn't something Catholics are accustomed to. There was a little bit of nervousness on the surface from parish- ioners." stated Father Ronald Timmock, pastor of Precious Blood Parish, who requested the sisters' visit after finding out about them through their website. "Every soul counts. Even if it's just one soul that comes back, it's a great bless- ing," Sisters Mary Luchia and Theresa Maria of the New York-based congre- gation, spent two weeks in Stephenson sharing their mission with parishioners. "You can't really separate the evange- lization from the catechesis, they have to go together. And that's why our mis- sion is two-fold in evangelization and catechesis," said Sister Theresa. "It is supported by our spirituality as contem- platives that we have to give the over- flow of our prayer life to those Christ brings us to." The sisters bring that mission into training parishioners how to effectively evangelize. Following the training, parishioners used what they learned by going door-to-door with the sisters. "Our church leaders have been telling us we have to go out in the street, visit the homes," explained Sister Mary. "It's overwhelming when look- ing at the (number of) fallen away Catholics that is really increasing every day and the pastors are concerned." One parishioner, Paulette Bruno, DOOR-TO-DOOR - Sisters from the Parish Visitors of Mary Immaculate visited the Stephenson area last month and assisted the parish in effective evangeliza- tion practices. (Jamie Carter photo) SEE SISTERS ON PAGE 19 In Golden Age, read about an active 100 year-old Calumet woman along with words to grandparents from Pope Fran- cis. Also, read about the role grandparents play in the lives of their grandchildren. PAGES 10-17 Get a sneak peak at the new design coming to The U.P. Catholic in October. PAGE 20 New look coming to The U.P. Catholic The Catholic U.P . A EV VA TION ANGELIZA AT TION A TION EDUC T INFORMATION

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