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Rome, Italy, (CNA/EWTN News).- In a general audience ear- lier this year, Pope Francis stated that the elderly play a key role in the lives of the youth. He also shared that he still keeps the letter his grandmother wrote him for his or- dination in his daily prayer book. "I still treasure the words my grandmother wrote to me on the day of my ordination. I carry them with me to this day inside my bre- viary," the pope said. In the book interview "The Je- suit," Pope Francis referenced a text written by his grandmother, which he kept in the breviary that he car- ried with him, Andrea Tornielli of Vatican Insider noted. The text reads, "May these my grandchildren, to whom I have given the best of my heart, have a long and happy life, but if on some painful day, sickness or the loss of a loved one fills you with grief, re- member that a sigh before the Tab- ernacle, where the greatest and most august martyr resides, and a gaze at Mary at the foot of the Cross, can make a drop of balm fall on the deepest and most painful wounds." Francis, the eldest of five chil- dren, spent much of his childhood under the guidance of his grand- mother, Rosa, who looked after the future pope when his younger sib- lings were born. She played a key role in his upbringing, and he had a great respect for her. When the hearts of the elderly are free from "past resentments and present selfishness," he said, they become attractive for the youth, "who hope to find in them a strong support in their faith and meaning for their lives." He specifically pointed to the importance of prayer for the elderly, in which they are able to thank the Lord for many blessings that would otherwise go unnoticed, and inter- cede for the needs and hopes of the youth. The purifying ability of faith and prayer can also help society to find "the wisest way to teach the young that the true meaning of life is found in self-sacrificing love and concern for others." Simeon and Anna are two bibli- cal figures who provide a model for how the elderly can live the final stages of their lives, the Holy Father said, noting that he himself is in- cluded in this category. The image of the two elderly prophets in the temple attentively waiting for the coming of the Mes- siah point to the "centrality of THE U.P. CATHOLIC FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2015 PAGE 15 HONORING OUR WOMEN RELIGIOUS Please consider placing an advertisement of gratitude for an individual Nun, Sister or a Religious Order in our upcoming Women Religious Issue. Issue Date: 11/13/15 Ad Cut-off: 10/3/15 Contact Deacon Steve 1-866-452-5112 upc@new.rr.com Holy Cross Cemetery in Marquette Fall Notification Each year, in order to beautify our cemetery, our grounds and maintenance crews perform the final cleaning of the year and make preparations for the winter. All decorations, tributes, flowers (natural and artificial), pots, baskets and wreaths should be removed by families by October 15th. Articles not removed by this time will be disposed of by Cemetery personnel. Families may leave a shepherd's hook but should remove the arrangement. Christmas Wreaths may be placed after November 15th. We appreciate your assistance. If you need assistance or have questions, contact Neil Newcomb 906-225-0191 Beginning October 1st our cemetery gates will be open from 7am - 9pm Pope Francis carries words of late grandmother with him every day GREET - Pope Francis greets pilgrims during a general audi- ence at St. Peter's Square. (Bohumil Petrik/CNA Photo) SEE FRANCIS ON PAGE 16 Follow us on Twitter! Visit www.twitter.com and follow @The- UPCatholic

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