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an interview weekend in May. The interview weekends are held in various locations and times during the year. "A few weeks before the scheduled interview, I was told all the girls' spots had been filled for this year. However, I was encouraged to still attend the interview weekend I had planned," explained McKeen. Following the interview, Mc- Keen received a phone call from NET stating she would be placed on the waiting list. After waiting well over a month, she thought she would be returning to the college classroom to con- tinue her education this fall. "I thought after July 1, they wouldn't pick anyone from the waiting list. But, as we can see, that wasn't the case. There was another plan." McKeen departed for five weeks of training on Aug. 20. Following the third week of training, she was assigned to NET team number 10, which will serve at Providence Acad- emy in Plymouth, Minn. The teams are divided into traveling or parish and school teams. The parish teams serve in a single parish or a Catholic High School for the entire length of time. On the other hand, traveling teams move from parish to parish across the country, putting on re- treats for middle and high school youth. McKeen is among more than 125 young adults who will be serving as NET missionaries this year, including nine from Michigan. As a part of being a NET missionary, McKeen is required to raise a minimum of $5,000 to assist with the expenses. In total, it costs approximately $20,000 to place a team member in min- istry for nine months. The costs cover training, healthcare, trans- portation and a small monthly stipend. McKeen has until Dec. 1 to raise her portion of the ex- penses. Donations can be made by visiting www.netusa.org/do- nate. Then, select "support a missionary," and where it says, "I'd like to join the mission of a missionary name," include Kate- lyn McKeen. NET Missionaries can be found on Facebook (www.face- book.com/netministriesusa), Insta- gram (www.instagram.com/ netministries) and Twitter (@net- ministries). By following them on social media, you may even see a photo or two of McKeen during the next several months. THE U.P. CATHOLIC FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2015 PAGE 19 Congratulations and thank you to 2015 Legacy of Faith Catholic Service Award Winner James Newnum! We are so blessed to have received so much of your time and talent! -From the Students, Faculty, Council, Staff and Administration of: NET FROM P1 TEAM 10 - Katelyn McKeen (back row, far right) and the other nine team members she will be serving with at a Catholic School in Minnesota until May. (Photo courtesy of NET Ministries) Traveling in the U.P.? Find parish listings at www.dioceseofmarquette.org saw the need for this type of evangelization and participated with the sisters. "I was a little uncomfortable about it, but I see it as some- thing that's necessary in this community," said Bruno. "When sister gave the percent- ages of the Mass attendances in different countries around the world, it was quite sobering. I now feel more than ever, I have to bite the bullet and do the right thing and answer God's call." Each home the sisters and parishioners go into, begins with a prayer and asking if anyone in the home was baptized Catholic. From there, the sisters and parishioners share their faith and answer any questions. It is then hoped the individual(s) dis- cerns seeking more about the faith, or attending Mass, whether it is for the first time, or returning to the faith. "After the two sessions of workshops, they (trained parishioners) really go out in the footsteps of our Lord. They go out and try to share our faith and bring them back, even if it's one, two, or three people. Each soul counts," explained Sister Mary. "The immortality of each soul is the foundation of our congregation. And, we hope the parish will continue our mission afterwards." "Before it began, I was hop- ing to get a half dozen parish- ioners on board, but we ended up with over 25," stated Father Timmock. "It was certainly a tremendous success to have so many involved. I'm also very happy with how our Legion of Mary group stepped forward and gained great confidence in reaching out. It's something I hope each of them and every- one involved can use moving forward." The sisters advise all bap- tized Catholics to develop a strong prayer life to help share the faith and bring them to Christ and his Church. "By virtue of our baptism, we are all called to be missioners. Moti- vated by love, we have to go out visit the homes and the streets, which starts in prayer. Each of us should develop a prayer life. That's where we're going to strengthen our rela- tionship with Jesus. We owe gratitude to God because he shared his life with us. In re- turn, we want to show our grat- itude to him to make him known, loved and to be served." To learn more about Parish Visitors of Mary Immaculate, visit www.parishvisitorsisters.org. SISTERS FROM P1

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